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Ear Hematoma
An ear hematoma is an accumulation of blood between the cartilage and skin of the ear. It is often caused by damage resulting from vigorous head shaking or scratching at the ears. Generally, an ear swab is helpful to determine if infection as the underlying cause is present. Surgery for the hematoma is usually required to correct the condition.
Follow-up visits are necessary to monitor healing and response to medication. Aftercare is also required at home for the treatment to be successful.

Recheck exams following surgery are necessary to monitor healing and medications.
Suture and drain tube removal are done @ no charge.

Ear Flush/Exam/Treatment
Ear infections in animals can be due to a variety of causes: bacteria, funguses, cancer, polyps in the ear canal, allergies, hormone problems -- to name a few.
Because there is often a considerable amount of accumulation of debris in the ear canal and because the infection is so painful, an injectable anesthetic, proper ear cleaning and examination of the lining of the ear canal cells is the most rapid and effective method to treat the condition.

As with any infection, finishing all prescribed medications and appropriate follow-up and long-term monitoring is important.  Because many ear infections have an underlying cause, such as allergies, they are often recurrent problems.